Virtual International Student Day 2024

The Virtual International Student Day (VISD) 2024 once again successfully convened osteopathic students and professionals from across the globe. Held on 9 February 2024, this remarkable event underscored OsEAN's commitment to fostering international collaboration and education within the osteopathic community. VISD 2024 celebrated its fourth year with a focus on the evolution of osteopathic philosophy and principles, attracting over 500 registrants and 350 live participants, showcasing the event's growing appeal and significance.

OsEAN Virtual International Student Day 2024Originating during the pandemic's onset, VISD was conceived as a response to the emerging challenges of global travel restrictions. Its primary goal was to keep OsEAN students internationally connected, offering them diverse perspectives on subjects from international instructors and the opportunity for peer exchange. The event has since become a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the osteopathic educational community, evolving into a highly anticipated annual gathering.

The 2024 edition delved into the philosophy and principles of osteopathy, inviting renowned speakers such as Jöry Pauwels, Andy Mansfield, Robert Muts, Matteo Turinetto, Ana Casanovas, and Elena Rodríguez Izquierdo. These experts shared insights on topics ranging from the application of osteopathic philosophy in clinical practice to the significance of consciousness and perception in clinical diagnosis. Through lectures, discussions, and open rounds, participants were encouraged to explore the depth of osteopathic medicine, beyond mere techniques, to its foundational philosophies and their application in contemporary practice​.

Reflecting on its success, VISD 2024 not only served as an educational platform but also as a community-building event, reinforcing OsEAN's mission to enhance the osteopathic educational landscape. The event highlighted the importance of philosophical understanding in osteopathic practice and provided a unique opportunity for students and professionals to network, learn, and grow together.

Looking ahead, OsEAN has already set the date for the next Virtual International Student Day. VISD 2025 will take place on 7 February 2025, and will focus on "Osteopathic Identities in a Changing World: Identity" promising another enriching experience for the global osteopathic community​.

OsEAN Virtual International Student Day 2025