Programme Open Forum 2022

29th September
Day 1: Morning                                                           



09:00 – 09:10 Robert Muts DO MSc
OsEAN President
Warm welcome
09:10 – 09:50 Prof. Eyal Lederman Process Approach in Osteopathy. read abstract
09:50 – 10:10 Carmine Castagna DO, BSc (Hons) Ost, PG Cert ED Bottega project Building Osteopathic Thought, Technique, and Expertise Guided by Artisans A new perspective of training in osteopathy. read abstract
10:10 – 10:30 Jöry Pauwels DO MSc An efficient effective 4-step didactical approach in teaching clinical skills. read abstract
10:30 – 10:45   Q & A Session

10:45 – 11:00


Coffee break

11:00 – 11:20  Xavier Blusseau DO The use of a digital tool in real-time data collection and multicentric analysis of practices. read abstract
11:20 – 11:40 Lex Flisijn DO Msc How we prepare our students to run a clinic and coach them to become professional colleagues. read abstract
11:40 – 12:00 Hakim Mhadhbi DO Msc 'It was all a dream' - Perceived benefits and limitations of a clinical game-based simulation by Year 3 osteopathy students. read abstract
12:00 – 12:20 Mattia Cella MSc Redesign a Practical Osteopathic Course Using Descriptive Grids and Peyton's Approach. read abstract
12:20 – 12:40   Q & A Session
12:40 – 13:00   Official photo session
13:00 – 14:00   Lunch break

Day 1: Afternoon


14:00 – 15:45
Workshop 1
Arnaud Crepin DO MSc Analysis of professional practice through the clinical approach as a tool for developing skills at Osteobio. read abstract
14:00 – 15:45
Workshop 2
Giacomo Consorti DO MSc Let's Build a Tool to Assess Clinical Competence! read abstract
14:00 – 15:45
Workshop 3
Anne-Sophie Heissat DO Clinical reasoning difficulties in osteopathic students and the remediation strategies to be proposed- a qualitative observational study. read abstract
15:45 – 16:15   Coffee break
16:15 – 18:00
Workshop 4
David Dessauge DO &
Pascal Goëlo DO
A method for managing technical skills in the acquisition and perfecting of the osteopathic gesture. read abstract
16:15 – 18:00
Workshop 5
Thomas Matthew DO Can ultrasound scans improve osteopathic palpation skill? read abstract
16:15 – 18:00
Workshop 6
Steven Vogel DO Vascular pathologies of the neck that may present as head and neck pain – promoting clinical reasoning and best practice: a practical workshop. read abstract

Day 1: Evening

20:00 – 23:30    Cocktail Diner

30th September
Day 2: Morning


09:00 – 09:05 Raimund Engel DO MSc OsEAN Vice-President - welcome
09:05 – 09:45 Steven Vogel DO Conceptualising and teaching the risk of serious vascular adverse events associated with manual therapy when treating the neck: An overview of a recent International Framework. read abstract
09:45 – 10:05 Giacomo Consorti DO MSc Relational Simulation Laboratory Implementation in Clinical Training: The SimuLab Project. read abstract
10:05 – 10:25 Thomas Cornet DO Impact of two innovative approaches to teach anatomy on students' perceptions and underlying clinical application. read abstract
10:25 – 10:40   Q & A Session
10:40 – 11:10   Posters Presentations -> walk around
11:10 – 11:30   Coffee break
11:30 – 11:50 Matteo Turinetto DO MSc The use of Critical Incident Technique as a tool to identify students perceived issues in osteopathic clinical training. read abstract
11:50 – 12:10 Simone Buccino DO How to manage internship clinic. read abstract
12:10 – 12:30 Erwann Jacquot DO MSc health pedagogy,
Martin Garet PhD
Developing skills to Act in clinical situations. How to optimize the concept of educational alliance between clinical teachers and students? read abstract
12:30 – 12:45   Q & A Session
12:45 – 13:00   Student Research Award
13:00 – 13:30

Evaluation in groups

Evaluation in discussion in small groups:

Presentations of the speakers


Clinical Reasoning
How to manage a Clinic
Soft Skills in the clinical approach
Research during the clinical Phase
Managing skills on an osteopathic practice

13.30 – 14.00   Central evaluation
14.00   Closing lunch


Poster Presentations

Luca Aletti DO BSc & Laura Carabelli DO BSc Clinical uncertainty in osteopathic practice among internship students: a survey research. read abstract / see poster
Philip Bright PhD & Claire Piper DO Clinical Integration: a model for graded patient interaction from low to high stake engagement. read abstract / see poster
Irina Egorova MD, DO, PhD Clinical Reasoning. read abstract / see poster
Kathleen Martinet DO, MSc Teaching clinical competencies at ESO Paris. read abstract / see poster
Erwann Jacquot, MSc, D.O. & Edith Portejoie, D.O. & Xavier Mathian D.O. From learning a clinical reasoning process to incorporating it into clinical
practice. A pilot study. read abstract / see poster
Giulia Molinari DO MSc "There is no teaching without the human factor" Qualitative research on the student perception in clinical tutoring. read abstract / see poster
Stephen Sandler PhD DO FECert The case history and decision making in osteopathic clinical practice. read abstract / see poster
Giulia Terruzzi BSc Change in Stress Levels and Concentration in Osteopathy Students During Simulated Clinical Encounters: A Pilot Study. read abstract / see poster
Dario Zecchillo MSc How can we make Osteopathic Research enjoyable for undergraduate students? Let's implement Team-Based Learning in our pedagogical pathways! read abstract / see poster