Administrative Procedures

First select the host institute that you want to attend. A list of the schools participating in the programme can be found here. To make sure this is the right place for you to go, please consult with the coordinator at your own institute. They will provide you with more information and also with the code that you need for your online application. After you and your coordinator has agreed upon your choice, you will be required to complete the e-form application and write a letter of motivation (around 200 but no longer than 400 words).

Application Form

If you have any questions concerning completion of this document, the coordinator will be able to assist you.

The Letter of Motivation

This should be written by yourself highlighting:

  • Why you would like to visit the selected institution.
  • What particular areas of osteopathic study you ideally like to experience (Please note the host school will attempt to fulfil these wishes, but will not be able to create individually tailored programmes for the visiting student)
  • What you hope to achieve by attending this period of study.
Further Information

If there are any particular aspects that you feel the receiving institution requires (for example, regarding housing, special health requirements), please write this on a separate letter. And attach it to your application form.
The host institute’s exchange coordinator will review your application and confirm whether they are able to accommodate you or not. This will be via your institute’s coordinator.

Before departure

Health cover and civil responsibility

It is necessary for you to have appropriate travel insurance (including health cover) for the period of the exchange. This is your responsibility to organise. Should you have any concerns regarding this your coordinator will be able to offer advice.

Civil and Third Party

In most cases will be covered by the hosting institute dependant on the host country’s legal system. Please note that it will not be possible to treat patients whilst on the exchange in certain countries (e.g. UK) your coordinator will be able to inform you of this.


The host school will assist you to find accommodation. This may be shared residence with students, bed and breakfast, or hotel accommodation.

On completion of the exchange

Having attended the period of study you are required to write a short feedback (Student Feedback online at the OsEAN website) reflecting on the experience. Also a brief report with some pictures from the exchange time should be sent directly to the OsEAN office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The repost will be used for marketing purposes on this website and on social medias.

This should be completed before your departure from the receiving school and this will be combined with your Transcript of Records. You will be given a copy of both of these documents as a record of your study period and can be incorporated into your learning portfolio. A record of both will also be retained by both institutions.

Cancellation of the exchange

Both Parties may cancel the exchange.
This should be at least one month prior to departure unless there are exceptional circumstances. In all cases cancellation of the exchange will need to be communicated in writing to the sending institutions’ coordinator.
Cancellation by students without justification may prohibit participating in future exchanges.
This programme does not contribute to the core criteria of the school of origin, but may according to individual institutions circumstances contribute to electives.