WSO presents “Paediatrics on demand”

In 2023, the WSO (Wiener Schule für Osteopathie) has started a brand new series of online Video-on-demand courses for osteopaths, to help them expand their areas of specialisation.
OsEAN presents - WSO course "Paediatrics on Demand"Their first success story was the launch of a video course in cooperation with Claudia Knox, which focuses on physiological and pathophysiological theory and osteopathic treatment approaches and hypotheses behind the practical treatment of children and babies.

In March 2024 they will finally launch “Paediatrics on demand” as a full video course also in English language!

This will give the opportunity to a wider range of osteopaths in Europe to benefit from Claudia’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of paediatrics. She is a midwife and an osteopath and has worked in obstetrics, pregnancy support and postpartum care for more than 25 years. Claudia’s osteopathic roots are in Maidstone, UK. She has been influenced by Renzo Molinari and Susan Turner on her own osteopathic journey. Her work as the head of the paediatric school clinic at the ESO in Maidstone have given her profound insights into the learning needs of budding paediatric osteopaths. These needs are addressed in a complete series of videos with additional learning materials.

OsEAN presents WSO's "Paediatrics on Demand Button" courseThe participation in the course is enhanced by discussion forums for each topic, where clinical questions and cases can be discussed with the lecturer and the community of evolving paediatric specialists. To build the community further we provide 4 live webinars per year for the course participants to exchange and discuss thoughts and practical cases with the teacher.

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The waiting list is already open and you can make sure to be within the first ones to get all the information about booking as soon as it launches!