OsEAN-Membership Benefits

Becoming an OsEAN Member brings the following benefits to a school.

High standard of osteopathic education.

OsEAN stands for a high standard of osteopathic education. How do we assure that our members meet these high standards?

  • CEN Standard
    Picture CEN European Committee for Stadartization
    In 2016, the EFFO (European Federation & Forum of Osteopathy) wrote and filed the "European Standard for the Osteopathic healthcare profession" in Brussels. This CEN-Standard contains the professional description for osteopathy and the training requirements for osteopaths. Full and associate OsEAN-Members undergo an audit which reviews and verifies whether they comply with the CEN Standard. In Europe, this audit is carried out by the independent Austrian Standard Institute (ASI) in Vienna.
    This means that OsEAN-Members are on an equal high level and that the education they offer meets the set requirements.
    This is an advantage which will give future students the guaranty that your school is going to give them the best quality of education and prepare them for the high demands as future osteopaths.

  • Audit CEN standard.
    ASI LogoThe CEN standard is of great value but only if it is implemented and monitored. This is why, all OsEAN-Members undergo an audit carried out by the Austrian Standard Institute (ASI). OsEAN has added an "OsEAN Standard for the Management of Osteopathic Educational Providers" to the CEN Standard. The OsEAN Standard is focusing on management, finance, research, and more as a guarantee for the health of the school's organisation. The ASI has made an extensive checklist of both standards, which is followed during the audit. OsEAN supports future members if they need it by helping them with the organisation of the audit. read more...

Teachers Working Groups

Teachers Working groupsThe groups offer the possibility of an exchange between peers and the opportunity to share experience, to hear how colleagues work in their schools in other countries and to search for solutions of common challenges lecturers face while teaching. Teachers learn from each other and exchange both didactic and scientific information. Each school has their own educational program, this offers OsEAN-Members the possibility to learn from each other. The groups are there to benefit the teachers and participation is free of charge. Read more...

Teacher Training

Teacher TrainingMost teachers at schools for osteopathy come from practice and teach from that experience. OsEAN has a training program for teachers for its members - a PGCert in Osteopathic Education. A programme made spesificaly for osteopaths. Learn more...

Exchange Programms

OsEAN has created three different Exchange programs for its members. The exchange programs are a living exchange of information, experience, knowledge and skills, which benefits every OsEAN-Member.

  • Teachers ExchangeTeachers of OsEAN-Members can offer their expertise to teach their knowledge and skills at the schools of other OsEAN-Members.Exchange Programmes

  • Examiners Exchange
    Examiners of OsEAN-Members can offer their expertise to participate in the (international) jury for their final exams at other schools.

  • Students Exchange
    It was established in 2010. Students of OsEAN schools are allowed to spend a short period of time (usually around 7 days) at any other school which is part of the program, attending courses and/or clinical classes. read moreā€¦

Virtual International Students Day

Connection wellbeing to human anatomy by Sabella Kiias 2020Once a year OsEAN organises a Virtual International Students Day. This is a live online event for osteopathic students from all over the world. The participation for students of OsEAN member schools is free. The idea for the Virtual International Student Day was born during the beginning of the pandemic when humanity faced the troubles of not being able to travel freely but OsEAN students wished to stay internationally connected, to experience a different view on subjects from teachers outside of their school and country, and to exchange with their peers. Read more...

Open Forum - Educational Conferences

LogoOnce every two years OsEAN organises an "Open Forum for Osteopathic Education" Conference focused completely on osteopathic education. Experts from all over the world come together to share their knowledge, experience, and skills on topics such as teaching: palpation; the soft skills; research; diagnostic models; clinical competences and more. The conference is open to all osteopathic teachers/educators. Read more...

Members Meetings

Member meetingThere are two types of meetings for OsEAN-Members: in person and online. Every two months there is an online meeting and twice a year a live meeting. In the online meeting, current affairs are exchanged with each other and the OsEAN-Members are informed of the latest developments. The live meetings are hosted by one of the OsEAN-Members and therefore take place at different locations. In the live meetings, educational aspects and current issues are discussed and worked on. Collaboration is at the forefront. Read more...


NetworkingLast but not least, OsEAN is an Academic Network. In a friendly environment OsEAN-Members work together to find solutions on common issues and share their experiences and practice. OsEAN is a strong brand name due to the highest quality in education. In addition to the European OsEAN-Members, there are extraordinary members from countries outside Europe such as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Russia. OsEAN is also a partner of the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).